Recognized worldwide for quality, safety and reliability in accordance with updated technique collaborating with German engineering.

Maharashtra Seamless Ltd (MSL), the flagship of the D.P.Jindal Group, is the leading manufacturers of Seamless Pipes & Tubes in India. MSL is well known for providing finest and wide product range using the world renowned CPE (Cross Roll Piercing and Elongation) technology, to produce pipe upto 7" OD, acquired through technical know-how from MANNESMANN HUTTENTECHNIK Gmbh, Germany and the Plug Mill Process for manufacturing larger diameter upto 14" OD Seamless Pipes. MSL is equipped with latest plant & machinery, capable of producing wide range of Seamless Pipes & Tubes both Hot Finished and Cold Drawn/ Cold Pilgered condition.

MSL's state-of-the-art ERW plant of Mannesmann, Germany is the 1st and par excellence "Largest Outside Diameter" manufacturing unit in India. Its high-speed welder is capable of manufacturing Welded Line Pipes & Casing upto 20" OD using High Frequency Welding technology.

As an extension of its pipe manufacturing activity MSL has added up a brand new ultramodern pipe coating plant for FBE, 3 LPE & 3 LPP coating of pipes from 1" to 48" OD. With this coating facility MSL is now able to meet the requirements of coated pipes which are finding large applications in Oil & Gas pipeline. MSL has entered into technical collaboration with Tenaris-Hydril of USA for production of Premium Connections for Tubings & Casings, which are used in high pressure Oil & Gas wells. A 7 MW windpower project at Satara is a step towards self-reliance and recognition of alternative non-convectional energy with a concern for nature.

All these years MSL has been meeting the requirements important sectors like Oil & Gas, Hydrocarbon Process, Power, Automotive etc. in both domestic & overseas markets. Today, MSL is a well known brand in India & abroad.


Our state -of-the-art plant uses world renowned CPE Technology acquired through technical know-how from German giant MANNESMANN DEMAG HUTTENTECHNIK Gmbh.

The CPE (Cross Roll Piercing and Elongation) process begins with the piercing of a hot billet on the piercer, followed by crimping and then elongation on the push-bench and finally, the dimensions are controlled within specified variation on the stretch reducing mill (SRM). This process minimizes longitudinal and transverse defects in pipes and tubes. It also ensures better control over wall thickness variation as compared to other manufacturing process.

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Plug Mill Process is a proven process for manufacturing of higher diameter Seamless Pipes by heating round billets up to the plastic stage of steel and piercing in a Cross Roll Piercer. Further elongation is achieved through a Plug Mill in which the thick wall hot hollow will be rolled through a pair of Top and Bottom Rolls with a plug inside to control the ID and achieve better internal surface finish.

World Class Reelers are used to improve the wall thickness circumferentially and to achieve close tolerance on the Wall Thickness. As the OD and the ID are controlled by external and internal toolings during hot rolling in Plug Mill and Reeler, the pipe will have close tolerance, to cater to the requirements of OCTG and other applications.

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